Twilio License Agreement

10.1. You agree to pay taxes in accordance with the rates shown on and, unless something else is indicated in a purchase order or order confirmation between the parties (a “order order”). On, you will find conditions that apply to certain functions and functions of our services. property. To the extent that the services contain all insisis within the meaning of the definition, the supplier agrees that Twilio is the exclusive and exclusive owner of all software (including modifications and documentation), products, inventions, designs, specifications, documents, fonts and other materials that have been created, designed, prepared, manufactured, discovered or manufactured by the supplier for Twilio based on the order (the “delivery components”). The supplier irrevocably transfers to Twilio all rights and rights and rights to goods delivered worldwide, including all related copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademark and other intellectual property rights or property rights (“intellectual property rights”). In addition, the supplier grants Twilio a non-exclusive, global, toll-free, irrevocable, indefinite, non-resilient, transferable and under-conceded license for all intellectual property rights used in the establishment of delivery goods, so that Twilio can exercise its rights to goods delivered in accordance with the order. Without limitation of the above, the elements of the delivery are “works for rent” to the extent permitted by law, and (ii) the supplier will not assert the “moral rights” on the elements of the delivery and adopt them in any other way and Twilio will assign all “moral rights” to the components of the delivery. If, for any reason, these delivery items are not works for rent, the supplier Twilio hereby recognizes all the rights, titles and interests of these materials and undertakes to support Twilio at Twilio`s expense in order to perfect such an interest. To the extent that the vendor provides software as part of the order, the supplier grants Twilio the right and license to use the software and software documentation in accordance with the terms of the order. The rights and licenses granted herethy are not exclusive, free, worldwide, unlimited, transferable and fully paid by Twilio after payment of the order.

3.1 Providing Twilio services. We provide Twilio services in accordance with this service level agreement (“Twilio SLA”), which can be updated from time to time. You also acknowledge and agree that we agree on customer data, including content, when we believe that (i) we agree: that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with laws, applicable regulations, court proceedings or regulatory requirements, (ii) to enforce our agreements and directives, (iii) to protect the safety or integrity of our services and products, (iv) protect us, our other customers or the public from unlawful harm or activities, or (v) to respond to an emergency that we believe is in good faith to disclose data to avoid a death or serious assault. 12.1.4 Export controls. Services may be subject to existing U.S. export control and economic sanctions legislation as well as other jurisdictions. You and Twilio agree to strictly comply with all national and international export laws and economic sanctions, in the case of Twilio, when providing the services and, in your case, when receiving and using the Services and in accordance with that duration, you will receive any license or other authorization necessary for the export, re-export or transfer of the Services. These laws include restrictions on purposes, end-users and end-use. Without restrictions, you cannot transfer services without U.S. government authorization to a company on a U.S.

government exclusion list (for example. B the list of denied persons, the entity or list of uncontrolled persons of the Department of Commerce and the list of specially designated nationals and sanct

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