Bwz Uw Learning Agreement

➡ The first installment can be received before departure if you sign an individual contract prematurely. After signing the contract, BWZ strives to make continuous transfers. The prerequisite is the provision of a number of documents necessary to sign the contract and conclude the OLS language test. ➡ universities set different deadlines for submitting applications. The dates of the competitions for travel for the academic year or the next semester will be published from November on the EEZ website. ➡ is not going to accelerate. The transfer of Erasmus funds can only be made on the basis of the originals of the individual contract and the request for exit. Don`t send scans. ➡ LA, part of Before the Mobility must be delivered to the EEZ no later than the day the contract is signed, approximately 2 weeks before departure. Foreign universities sometimes request this document during the application phase. . ➡ Yes, if you received a scholarship in the year you received an Erasmus scholarship (for example. B, rector, social service, etc.) The JM must continue to pay this grant during your Erasmus stay.

The date of the end of mobility is the last day of the student`s mandatory attendance at the host university (for example. B on the last day of the exam/course/compulsory course session). Once the appointment has been received, we will contact you on the details of your exchange. ➡ Yes, but only in justified cases, with the agreement of the parental unit coordinator, you can lower the score to 20 ECTS/semester credits if you are a 1st or 2nd degree student and up to 15 ECTS/semestercredits if you are a PhD student. ➡ no later than 2 weeks before the departure date, after receiving confirmation of admission from a foreign university. ➡ is a multi-year agreement between two or more universities, the conditions for the exchange of students. Each year, partners/contractors agree on detailed conditions for their implementation. ➡ information is available on the websites of a foreign university. You should always check the current catalogue of courses offered by a foreign university. ➡ the person leaving must present a certificate or confirmation of the level of knowledge of a foreign language, in accordance with the requirements of a foreign university. ➡ Each university has its own job and schedule.

If you are not in contact with a foreign university and a month has passed since you filed your documents, say “silence in the ether.” Also consider holiday time. Offices at foreign universities most often have holidays, especially in August. So complete all the formalities before the holiday period if you are a student who leaves during the winter semester and for the entire year of study. ➡ period of granting a place in a residence or renting a dwelling is not taken into account in the calculation of an Erasmus scholarship. ➡, the Erasmus rules do not provide for such a subsidy. Few UW units subsidize travel to their students. Ask the coordinator of the higher entity. Filled by the welcoming person or guest`s guardian.

The registration of a guest`s stay at the University of Warsaw is attached to order No. 11 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on February 6, 2019, an amendment to Order 130 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw on 12 December 2018 concerning the payment of guests to the University of Warsaw and the financing of the costs of their stay (M.2019.27.11). ➡ are excluded from the OLS test only for native speakers. Other people must write a test, whether they have written such a test on previous trips or have a certificate of a particular language at the C2 level. ➡, it is recommended that the duration of the trip coincide with the duration of the semester/term or academic year at a foreign university. The journey must lead to the confirmation of the skills and knowledge acquired.

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