Ati Framework Agreement

. The total funding of project grants must not exceed 50% of the total cost of the eligible project. This is independent of each partner`s grant fees. Of these 50% individual partners can benefit from grants up to: if you are part of a consortium, the benefits of collaboration. What benefits does participating in a consortium offer to the project? . Full applications are reviewed quarterly in January, April, July and October. The principal applicant must complete this section. Include the title, start date and duration of your project. Is the app a new submission? Do you want to know what the impact of your project is on conventional aircraft? Try our fixed calculator to access fuel savings, changes in operating costs and the environmental CO2 impact for new technologies. Individual partners engaged in commercial or economic activities (including research organizations) in the project can receive funding of up to 100%: at no time will the Aerospace Technology Institute project manager give an interim reference to the project`s evaluation on the basis of the evaluation criteria. Responsibility for the implementation and completion rests with the main candidate and his partners at all times. Applicants are encouraged to read the general instructions for candidates before applying. When you assign a job to subcontractors, you explain why you have to do it.

If you have chosen a subcontractor, explain your choice. This is an expression of interest (EoI) competition. Successful candidates are invited to the second stage. A decision on the second stage will depend on the outcome of those decisions. What technical approach will you apply and how will you manage your project? The ATI program represents $3.9 billion in joint government and industry investments to maintain and strengthen the UK`s competitive position in civil aerospace. . When you apply, you will be asked to create an account as a lead candidate or register as a representative of your organization. You need an account to track the progress of your application. Describe your project in detail and in a way you like to see published. Do not receive commercially sensitive information. When we allocate your project funding, we will publish this description. This can happen before the project is launched.

By using the ATI`s financial instrument, the ITA does not guarantee the progress of the contract. The recommendation of a given funding stream does not require the ITA to apply and cannot guarantee its success.

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