Un Agreement On Sustainable Development

The Rockefeller Foundation says that “the key to funding and achieving the SDGs is to mobilize more than $200 trillion in annual private capital investment for development efforts, and philanthropy plays a crucial role in catalyzing this change.” [84] Major funders participating in a design think-tank organized by the Rockefeller Foundation concluded that “if there is a moral imperative to achieve the SDGs, failure is inevitable if there is no radical change in the funding of major changes.” [85] Promote a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all, and establish effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. Quality education is the foundation for improving people`s lives and sustainable development. The annual meetings of the High-Level Policy Forum on Sustainable Development will play a central role in reviewing progress towards the global sustainable development goals. In line with the Addis Ababa action programme, the final document of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, resources for the implementation of the SDGs will be monitored and reviewed to ensure an effective mobilization of financial resources to support the new sustainable development agenda. SDG 9 aims to “establish resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and promote innovation.” [31] The search for resilience (engineering and construction) and urban resilience is part of this goal. Manufacturing is an important source of employment. In 2016, the least developed countries had less “value added per capita.” The figure for Europe and North America was $4,621, compared to about $100 in the least developed countries. [32] Production of high-tech products accounts for 80% of total production in industrialized countries, but only 10% in least developed countries. The new goals recognize that the fight against climate change is essential to sustainable development and poverty eradication. SDG 13 aims to promote urgent action to combat climate change and its effects.

SDG 2 aims to “end hunger, improve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.” [14] SDG 2 has eight objectives. [3] The five “result goals” are: ending hunger and improving access to food; Ending all forms of malnutrition; Agricultural productivity sustainable food production systems and the resilience of agricultural practices; Genetic diversity of seeds, crops and livestock and domesticity; Investments, research and technology. The three ways to achieve SDG 2 include combating trade restrictions and distortions in global agricultural markets, food commodity markets and their derivatives.

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