Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Sentence Examples

2. Group substitutions, which members consider to be individuals in the group, take plural reference pronouns. For definitions of different types of pronouns and their roles, click HERE. We use the words pronouns to refer to other words (which are always nouns) or replace them, which we call their precursors or their speakers – the terms are interchangeable. The link between the pronoun and its predecessor or speaker must always be clear to avoid confusion: pronouns must agree with their predecessors, personally, in number and according to gender. Both names can be replaced by a pronoun. If we replace John (the subject of the sentence) with a pronodem, we choose him, a pronoun of the subject. b) A female pronoun must replace a female name. We call President Lincoln the ANTECEDENT because he is in front of the pronoun that refers to it later. (ante – front) The pronoun refers to President Lincoln. President Lincoln is the ANTECEDENT for the pronoun.

Here`s what the mechanics of the sentence look like: in grammar, the number indicates how much, if something is singular (one) or plural (more than one). Pronouns should always match with their precursors in numbers. The third pronouns are him, her, hers, hers, hers and theirs, hers, herself, herself, herself. When writers use the third person, the pronoun refers to the people or things we are talking about. The finger does not point to writers or readers, but to someone or something else. Note: The example #1, with the plural pronoun closer to the pronoun, creates a smoother game as an example #2 that forces the use of the singular “to be or use it”. In this sentence, he is the forerunner for the speaker pronoun. Three words describe the properties of the pronopus. Select the right ones, then click “Send” and check your answers.

First of all, if we refer to the group as a whole, then we consider the Nostunon as a singular. In this case, we use a singular reference pronoun. We must replace the subject-name of John singular, masculine, with the pronoun of the male and singular subject, Him. We can replace the unique female object name, female, with a single female object pronoun. A pronoun agrees with its personal pronoun. Remember these three important points about the pronouns arrangement, if a group name is the precursor: Some indefinite pronouns seem as if they should be plural if they are truly singular.

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