Note Purchase Agreement In Spanish

Buyer Advice February 2020 (Buyer Consultant) Real Estate Terminology . Statement of Deposits and Accounting August 2013 Mission Release August 2018 Real Estate Agency Advertising – Choice January 2009 2016 (Housing-leasing Contract) Ten questions to ask before recruiting a real estate agent, Notification of 2 days of access August 2013 Anticipation) Property Management Agreement February 2016 (Property Management Agreement) / Disclosure June 2019 (Notification / Disclosure) Buyer Broker Exclusive Employment Contract February 2017 (Exclusive Work Agreement between Compador and Agent) Coronavirus/Covid -19 Addendum April 2020 (Coronavirus Annex/COVID-19) These Spanish translations of the forms most frequently used by AAR in residential stores are intended for REALTORS┬« to support their Spanish-speaking customers. These translations should not be used as transactional documents to be signed, but only as accompanying translations of AAR forms. Buyer Contingency Addendum October 2018 (Buyer Contingency Annex) Approval of restricted representation December 2002 (Limited Representation Consent) Property Seller`s Property Disclosure Statement February 2017 (Warning on Particlar Properties for Disclosure Statement under oath August 20 Agreement Release of broadcast (short sale) February 2012 (notification of agreement) Update of the credit status February 2017 (LSU) Buyer inspection release with the seller`s response February 2017; Update left April 2019 (Leasing Owner`s Advisory Information) Vacant Pays Purchase Contract October 2019 (Buyer`s Annex) Unrepresented Seller Compensation Consent February 2007 (Notice to Tenant of Management Termination August 2013 Residence Real Estate Resale Purchase February Contracty 2020 Short Sale Seller Advisory March 2016 Healing Notification February 2019 (Remeathing period release) Short Sale Addendum to list contract August 2010 (Annex for sale not covered by sales of sales contract) Addendum Supplement clause February 2018 (annex) Solar Lease Loan Addendum October 2017 (Solar Lease Assumption Anne / Solar Energy Loanan) Homebuyers – documents! (Home Buyers – Read these documents!) Pre-qualification form February 2017 (pre-qualification form) Job candidates February 2013 (job application) H.O.A/Condominium/Community addition planned February 2015 (annex to the Association of Condominium Owners/Projected Community).

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