Ibm Spectrum Protect License Agreement

A permissive license whose main conditions require the retention of copyright and licensing. Contributors expressly grant patent rights. Licensed works, modifications and major works can be distributed under different conditions and without source code. When purchasing a software license, the license usually includes one year of subscription and support ( S-S). While the license allows them to provide and use the program, S-S allows you to get technical support and use product updates. It`s up to you to decide to continue after the first year. If you want to continue for this product, you can continue to rely on IBM Support and update. If you decide to cancel the S-S, the technical support will end and you can no longer use the updates provided by IBM after the date until the payment of S-S. There is no offer between the two.

The so-called “All-or-Nothing” rule requires you to use S-S for all your deliveries, including product deliveries that are no longer supported or for any of your deployments (Section 3.8 of the Passport Advantage Agreement). IBM is a large software company with a software catalog of more than 12,000 different software programs and each of these programs may contain one or more support programs (components). These programs may be different in version, edition and version or edition, which may contain different features. What complicates matters further is that each version or edition can introduce different licensing metrics and may involve different components that may or may not be free and have their own licensing scenarios (for example. B, different licenses for the use of production and/or non-production, the granting of disaster recovery licenses). An audit examines all of these characteristics of a program. With the life of the product and the duration of the subscription and support, things will be complex. Randy is our software license compliance analyst. He specializes in IBM software and the IBM License Metric Tool. He brings extensive technical experience to his former role in IBM Cloud Lab Services, where he designed and implemented cloud solutions. This allows it to understand the technical and financial impact of a software licensing agreement and help customers retain control of their licensing services. Suppose you have two Spectrum protect 7.1 environments, one in data center A and the other in data center B.

If you buy a license to use a product, you`ll probably want to make the latest version available. In addition to checking the technical requirements, you need to know the licensing conditions. These licensing conditions, the specific terms of use of a product version are listed in IBM`s (LI-Docs) License information documents. LI-Docs contain, among other things, a list of versions per framework program and a list of prohibited components and features. Note that there is a separate LI-Doc by product version, which may contain different content. Changes to an LI-Doc are usually communicated through announcement letters or support notifications.

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