Heritage Agreement Qld

Most types of proposals, including some maintenance and repair work on historic sites, are considered a development. Learn more about development requirements. A CMP, prepared by a cultural expert, identifies the values of a place, defines strategies for conservation and future change, and proposes strategies to implement strategies. It defines a set of agreed activities, such as. B development work, use, public access and maintenance and maintenance standards that you can achieve without having to obtain ongoing authorization for this work (if not required in the agreement). Approved CHMPs are listed on the Torres Strait Aboriginal and Islander Heritage Registry, established in accordance with Part 5 of the Act. In accordance with Section 113 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, all local authorities in Queensland must maintain a local cultural heritage register; The Brisbane Heritage Register is an example of a register of local government monuments in Queensland. [3] You are not obligated to give the public access to your historic monument and the public is not allowed to access your cultural heritage without your express permission. Your rights as an owner do not change if your property is added to the Queensland Heritage Register. A cultural heritage agreement is a common agreement between you and us as the owner that establishes provisions for future work, conservation measures or the exploitation of a cultural heritage.

If agreement is required in days or a handful of weeks, and for the immediate start of work, then a CHA may be a better option; If you own a classified site, you must notify your insurer that your property is classified. The following fact sheets, approved by the Insurance Council of Australia, answer the most common questions about the insurance of a cultural heritage site: the insurance of a Queensland-listed site and six things insurers need to know. Wealth agreements are usually listed on the title of the property and are mandatory for the owner. This ensures that the contract remains in effect when the space is sold.

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