Aej Master Confirmation Agreement

The new protocol also includes the equity finance swap (EFS) recently published by Isda, which is included in its European master equity validation agreement in 2007. The protocol, which is available to the public on the Isda ( website, must leave it to market participants to have referenced and integrate on a multilateral basis with other adhesive counterparties the terms of either of Isda`s confirmation agreements – the documentation used by traders to conclude transactions. He hoped that the single protocol would help reduce pending confirmations. So far, the master`s validation contracts are: the 2007 Americas variance exchange agreement the 2007 Asia Excluding Japan (AEJ) variance exchange agreement, which covers the 2007 European Master Equity Agreement (which covers equity options and swaps for underlying European assets), the revised 2007 European variance Exchange Agreement and the 2006 Japan variance Agreement. This website contains links to forms of confirmation and tables of essential economic concepts on a large number of transactions (“transactions”) that Deutsche Bank (“us”) may conclude from time to time with counterparties. Any confirmation or other documentation that we provide directly to you regarding a real or potential transaction replaces the information contained on this website and, to the extent that it is inconsistent, will control this confirmation or any other documentation. In addition, the agreed terms and conditions of a transaction we enter into with you are defined in the confirmation or any other agreement that you and we enter into regarding this transaction, and may differ materially from the terms set out in the forms and tables available on or via this site. By making this site available, we will not indicate that we are prepared to make a transaction with a counterparty on any condition. 2007 Full Lookthrough Depository Receipt Supplement to the 2002 Equity Derivatives Definitions . Changes to the 2007 AEJ Master Variance Swap Confirmation Agreement . 1994 Confirmation of the over-the-counter individual stock option transaction (physical compensation). March 2004 Canadian supplement to the Master Confirmation Amendment to Revised Additional Provisions for Use with Indian Underliers Deutsche Bank has received numerous international awards. .

The revised 2008 AEJ Master Equity Derivatives Confirmation Agreement includes the CMISO in addition to the previously published schedules. The confirmation agreement contains the following annexes: the annex of the multi-stock index; The CMISO schedule, which documents index and equity transactions that refer to closed markets; The Open Market Annex OMISO, which documents the cash and options for indexing and buying European and U.S. shares that have been physically invoiced; and the Open Market Annex OMEFS, which documents the swets of shares settled in cash.

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