Ad Hoc Services Agreement

1.3 The order applies to (i) the customer`s indication to AdHoc or the signing of the acceptance of an offer of AdHoc services; or (ii) an order from you or another instruction reasonably understood by the parties to authorize the introduction of services, but without the conditions you propose that are not expressly accepted by AdHoc. In principle, it may be advantageous to use services provided by providers that primarily, if not exclusively, operate under a service agreement. These companies perform their own capacity calculations based on the number of users and networks they support. In the overall profitability of businesses, few companies will employ more people than they need to achieve their goals. Therefore, if these companies were to evolve their capacity on the basis of the requirements of the service agreement, it is obvious that it would be inevitable that they would carry out ad hoc activities, that they would carry out ad hoc activities, that a capacity constraint would develop. In this case, the service provider is unable to meet its obligations to the company, either in terms of response time, or in terms of sufficient capacity to invest proactive services behind the scenes, as explained above. 8.3 If the supplier is awaiting the cooperation or information of the Customer or if it is prohibited by other means, without negligence or intent, the delivery time and the delay in providing services are deemed to be extended during the prevention period plus a reasonable period after the end of the prevention. A month-to-month service contract offers the main advantages needed to make the network work well. Deadline-based service agreements must provide additional value through monthly and monthly agreements, for example. B fixed prices for the term. If a fixed price is not possible, a maturity agreement at the beginning of the agreement should lead to an escalation. The provision of hardware and software can also be included in the expiry agreement, bringing the assistance agreement closer to the entire outsourced IT model, which can free the company from old restrictions and depreciation cycles.

Ask a potential service provider for references of similar size or type of customers with whom they already interact. 8.2 Delivery dates are the dates set in our order confirmation and/or service contract. The delivery date was set by AdHoc according to the best estimate, with reservations regarding the bid/agreement. A proactive network will have fewer problems due to non-productive employees or revenue prospects. When bases are maintained methodically, computer networks generally work well. There are many external factors that influence the stability of a network, some necessary and some not, but if the due diligence and attention is required where necessary and when necessary, a company`s computer systems can be operated continuously for years. Uptime 100% expected in small businesses is not outrageous, but with a little luck. Factors such as lightning, power outages and internet outages are beyond the control of most businesses. While technologies such as generators can extend the life of the business in the event of prolonged power outages, many of them are too expensive or simply in practice for sharing business on office buildings or the park.

The fact is that there are certainly many other things other than these kinds of circumstances that will have a negative impact on the company`s technology, which can and should be settled by a good service agreement.

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